CTR The First Ever Community Owned Crypto

An ecosystem designed to unite the community

CTR is owned by Community there is no Pre or Public sale

CTR Features

Fixed the 600K CTR total supply to be #1 in the crypto world. At the time of Airdrop Distribution
1 CTR is equal to 1 BNB

Whitelist yourself to own the CTR you haven't need to spend a penny because CTR is free for the entire community

CTR will reach 36 billion market cap upon listing on Pancake Swap & will gain huge compared to other networks due to 600K fixed supply

Our experts analyze the crypto market to make CTR more secure & powerful than other cryptos with the help of the lowest supply ever

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The CTR Token

The first free token for entire Community on the BEP20 network

CTR is the first free token any one can own CTR by joining Whitelist Airdrop. Besides being the first-ever adaptive token in the BSC, we build utilities for the next-gen for DeFi and the real world. We will launch CTR Swap, a customized, fully-branded advanced swap utility.

The Tech Behind it All

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Reward Contributions are back and better than ever. Ensuring the biggest earners contribute their fair share back to the pool for everyone else to enjoy. The more you earn, the more you contribute!

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We are offering a helping hand to the small investors. You don't need to splash the cash in order to be rewarded just Whitelist your self and get rewarded with CTR.
Aren't we nice?!?



Selling is a healthy part of any marketplace, but any one individual should not be allowed to manipulate the market for their own personal gain. We have setup our amazing Anti-dump mechanic to ensure even more tax goes to the pool.

Dynamic Fee Structure


The CTR Protocol is our revolutionary mechanic that adjusts its rates to sustain and refill supply pools. CTR Protocol refills the liquidity pool when needed and prioritises up to 15% of the total transaction to the reward pools when liquidity is healthy.


The Community Reward (CTR) is the most aggressively marketed token you'll ever see designed to help the entire community.
Join Whitelist to Claim Free CTR Airdrop

icon Total Fixed 600K CTR Supply
icon 500K CTR available for Airdrop
icon 100K CTR available for Project Development
icon There is no Pre or Public sale because CTR is free

Product Roadmap

Tier 1

  • Conceptualization of CTR
  • Website and Social creation
  • 500K CTR Airdrop

Tier 2

  • Airdrop Distribution
  • 2500 BNB Liquidity locked until Listing
  • Pancake Swap Listing

Tier 3

  • CMC and CG Listing
  • CTR Swap Launched
  • Supply updated on CMC and CG

Tier 4

  • Listing to major 25 CEX
  • Will reach 36 Billion MarketCap
  • CTR Swap upgraded to DEX